Computer science – is it an exact science? — education

On [email protected], Ritchie Roi Y. Chua writes:

Computer Science is a science, but not an exact science like physics…

Interestingly enough, computer science is as exact as you can get. =)
Physics? Even grade-schoolers know about experimental errors and the
fact that measurements are never completely exact. Biology is
similarly based on guesswork. In contrast, you know that 3 in
mathematics is exactly that – 3, not 3.000000000001 or
2.99999999999999999. Computers are somewhat less precise due to the
limitations of our hardware, but the theory can be as precise as you
want. Think of Turing machines. Think of algorithms.

One of the things I find pretty darn fascinating about computer
science is that it is far cleaner and more exact than the natural
sciences. Computer science is the work of man.