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From 2003.03.28:

Automated Newspaper Article Summarizer

Description: Limited to online World News text articles only, this summarizer utilizes the algorithms presented by R. Barzilay and M. Elhadad in their paper Using Lexical Chains for Text Summarization (1997). The techniques and methods they primarily used are Text Segmentation, Lexical Chains Computation and Sentence Selection and Extraction. The summarizer also uses the WordNet Lexical Database as its knowledgebase for word sense disambiguation and a Part-of-Speech Tagging Algorithm for the selection of candidate words from the input text. The algorithms used are based on shallow Linguistic Analysis Approach, which doesn’t require a full semantic interpretation of the texts to produce its summary.

Group Members: Marco Carmelo Solomon, Paul John Serrano, Gerardo Dapulano Jr.

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