Wearable computing position in Ateneo! =D

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On the Compsat2003 Yahoogroups, Cha Gascon has this wonderful post:

A Call for Applicants

The department chair of DISCS, Dr. Mercedes “Didith” T. Rodrigo,
is seeking for an undergraduate student, preferably not a senior, who
is willing to dedicate his/her time and effort to undertake a
designated task. That is, to search for wearable computing gadgets,
paraphernalia and related technologies here in the Philippines and
abroad (something like the wearable computer gadgets that Sacha Chua
has, featured in the poster of “Reboot” Compsat Launch Party),
which may have relevance in computer science, technologies that may be
of use with the department and the students and has potential for
further research and development. This is an official position in the

Must have the following:

– internet access (to research wearable technologies online)

– know-how in online ordering / purchasing of computer gadgets

– compare prices, recommend products and technologies

– willing to compile reports, price comparisons and summaries

– willing to do extensive canvassing of wearable gadgets and

technologies, where and how they could be bought here in the
Philippines and abroad

– willing to go shopping!!

The chosen one will receive a salary from the department however the
exact price wasn’t disclosed to us.

Interested applicants may email me at cha_gascon @ yahoo.com. Please
include your name, contacts, how you could be an asset with the
department in relation to the task stated above. Apply ASAP. Email to
me, not to the egroup so as to avoid inbox clutter.

Wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful! =)
I am sooooo excited. =D

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