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Dr. Augustin Martin Rodriguez, Gus – program director.

Supposed to orient us all on how to be good Ateneo teachers. Useful because the first days’ talks will really be orienting you toward the school’s policies, mission and vision.

Fr. Nemy Que is here to talk about the Ateneo vision and mission. this is a talk that’s usually given by Fr. Nebres, but he is on retreat right now, and someone who is on retreat cannot be disturbed, so he couldn’t be here. I have his notes, so most of the things I will share with you about the vm of Ateneo as an educational institution comes from his notes, but since nobody can duplicate what Fr. Nebres can do or say, I won’t even bother imitate him. But I’ll try to present the VM from the point of view of my office, the OAA.

Video – the Ateneo Way (10 minutes).

– note about slide colors. Maybe volunteer to do that?

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