The Little World of Dan Camillo

Dominique Cimafranca said:

Memory is a very funny thing: all of a sudden it occurred to me to look up
some web references to a series of books I had read a long long time ago.
I don’t even remember what I was doing or thinking about.

Anyway, the series is called “The Little World of Dan Camillo.” It’s
about a priest in a little country village in post-World War II Italy and
his skirmishes with sometimes-friend sometimes-enemy Peppone, the leader
of the local Communist cell. It’s rollicking good fun.

Lo and behold! The complete stories are available on the web! Check out If you can
get past the pop-up ads, you’ll find little unknown gems of stories.

Pop-up ads? What pop-up ads? I love my browser. =) Emacs/w3m is cool.