1. PAASCU reaccreditation: Pretty much finished.

| teaching

2. CHED-FAPE survey: Ate Lisa
3. Status of curriculum innovations

a. CS curriculum
i. Discrete math issues
ii. Distribution of core subjects
b. MIS curriculum
c. 5-year BSMS curriculum
e. MCS
f. PhD
Theoretical computer science
g. Changes of course names
4. Emphasis again on research and publication — effect on permanency and promotion5. Funding from DOST
a. Human resource development
b. Institutional capacity building
c. Research and development
6. Faculty play room
7. Get.together with Philosophy regarding ethics talk
8. Updates from the faculty

Sacha: Started on a teaching journal. Doing well in CS21A; students
seem happy and confident. I don’t want to teach CS123 next year; I
don’t feel that I have enough experience for that. Research: Paolo and
I have figured out how to do french accents in the MOO they’re working
on, but the task needs to be defined a bit more (they seem to be
trying to make a single-user multi-user object-oriented system). I’ve
got sound working on my laptop again, so I should be able to resume
wearable computing work soon.

Sir Maguyon: Bluetooth.


text message processor for wireless center

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