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I’m going to try to move my plans up by a year. I suspect I’ll learn
more by going to graduate school full-time than I’ll learn from
modifying the courses. I need process. I need a way to measure
the effects of the changes we make. I need a way to describe the
changes in the first place! I guess I still see myself as more into
computer science education…

Is that because I’m afraid of hardware? Is that because I don’t
yet have some radical idea for an alternative user interface design?
But I don’t need radical ideas to get started. I can get into wearable
computing the open source way; small, incremental improvements. I can
focus on the everyday. I can start off by capturing sound. I can try
to figure out how to Morse text messages. (Maybe I can do that as part
of the Java wireless center thing!) What if my phone was my wearable
user interface? Wearable computing’s not scary. I can do this.

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