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Quoting speedstorm25 <speedstorm25@yahoo.com>:

Hi, Jaime and I are conducting a quick pulse to determine which topics you are not familiar with or are having problems with so

What an excellent idea! =)

In fact, let’s take it even further. I’ll make it an extra-credit project that everyone can participate in.

Here’s a rough list of what we’ve taken up so far.
– Variables and data types
– Expressions
– Input and output (including converting from Strings to int)
– Boolean logic
– If and if/else
– While loops
– For loops
– Loops within loops
– Classes and objects
– Attributes
– Methods
– Constructors
– IOApplet
– Interfaces
– Drawing objects
– GraphicsIOApplet
– 1-d arrays
– 2-d arrays
– Arrays of objects
– Searching
– Sorting

I want the class to make review materials for the different topics. You can make flashcards, notes, or tutorials. You can write poetry or draw pictures – please scan them or use a computer graphics program so that we can easily share the pics. You can collect and organize programs that demonstrate your concept. Anything goes!

This is how we’ll do it. Tomorrow, you’ll volunteer for the topic you’d most like to do by writing your name and e-mail address on the board. If you want to prepare review materials for a topic not listed, no problem – just tell me and I’ll add it to the list! We’ll arrange it so that people are working on different topics. If you really, really want to pick a certain topic, come early! First come first serve.

Over the weekend, you’ll make the review materials. Be as creative as you want. Remember, your classmates are going to use your review materials! Also, suggest at least three questions (and their answers, of course) based on your topic. We’ll see if we can include some of the questions from the class in our final exam. =) Be sure to include credits – you can be proud of your work!

If you have any ideas that might help your classmates who are working on different topics, feel free to e-mail them or call them up and talk to them. Go ahead – share your notes and your sample programs. =)

On Monday, submit your work to me on a diskette or through e-mail (sacha@free.net.ph). Provide instructions for your classmates so that they know how to use your review material. If you want to earn even more extra credit, you can volunteer to organize all your classmates’ submissions into a nice website and/or directory tree. By the end of next week, we might even have a CD that you can take home and use to review.

Sounds like a good idea? I’m sure you can do it! This is going to be fun _and_ educational, and it will help you review for the finals as well. I’m looking forward to seeing your work!

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