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Partial list of topics:

– What is a good first programming language?
– Computer science education in small colleges
– Mentoring women and ethnic minorities in computer science
– Supporting undergraduate research projects
– Detecting plagiarism
– Teaching writing skills to computer science undergraduates
– Constructivist learning in computer science
– International perspectives on computer science education
– Interdisciplinary curriculum for computer science majors
– Enriching computer science education with internships and co-ops
– Distance learning in computer science
– The use of Open Source Software and Linux in schools
– Practical research efforts that enhance classroom learning
– The role of mathematics and critical thinking skills in computer science

Articles should include a basic description of the kinds of problems
being worked on, the state of the art of research, the state of the
art of commercial applications, open problems, or future
research/commercial development trends. Interviews with researchers;
reviews of related books, software, videos, or conferences; and
opinion columns on related issues are also welcome.

Feature articles should be between 1500 and 6000 words. Reviews should
be between 800 and 2000 words. Opinion columns should be between 800
and 3000 words.

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