Blogging contests?

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As requested by Marcelle, have checked out blog
competition as he is in running for
Best Philippine Blog – but by very long shot.

Amused as went through some of blogs and find them more of journals –
perfectly valid in context of contest, but not really something fit
into my day. Hmm. What blogs do I read, anyway? Friends’ for catching
up. Slashdot for some news. Occasional
Japanese blog for kanji.

Why do I blog? Mainly to remember, as M-x remember in Emacs is what I
use to store snippets of potentially useful information. Public blog
side-effect of data capture on local hard disk. Not my fault people
find pages like CookOrDie or OnLove funny. Actually, occasionally
write tongue-in-cheek.

Also blog in case Google’s listening. Would like to help capture
knowledge. Sometimes snippets also useful for other people on my site.

In fit of shameless plugging, have nominated own blog purely out of kicks.

Should have probably voted for Marcelle‘s blog
instead, but was feeling mildly piqued as own blog had not been
nominated yet.

So – will shamelessly plug. Want to help shock heck out of
not-quite-techie crowd and make near-incomprehensible, link-filled
wikiblog “Best Philippine Weblog” or whatnot? Make sure your spam
filters are all right, then click on link to vote.

Should put it in SideBar for more fun.

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