Bluepoint road tour

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Last Friday (December 5, 2003), I joined the
Bluepoint Road Tour to talk about
Linux in the academe (SXI). I shared
my experiences with Linux as a student and as a teacher, and I also
showed how it makes sense from the administrator’s point of view. It
was tons of fun, particularly fielding questions during the open
forum! =)

Dominique went out of his way to escort me from
Ateneo to Lyceum – I’d literally have been lost without him. Karma++.
<grin> That made him a little late for his keynote speech
(whoops!), but Magie covered for him by extending
her talk for 15 minutes more. He talked about IBM and Linux.

I finally got to meet Eddie Salonga. I knew
him from BBSing, but hadn’t met him until then. His parents joined us
for dinner at Oody’s in Greenbelt; apparently, his dad is a senator.
(Nice guy; smiles a lot!)

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