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Started out directing, but then animation gives you 100% control over
the output. Tell a story the way you want it without having to deal
with actors and lighting… Interesting from a story-telling sense. 3D
animation undergrad. ITP. Interactive Telecommunications Program.
Really blew my mind. Before I was telling a linear story and I wanted
so much control. Now I was relinquishing some of that control to that
user. System where the user can control the story itself. Like
videogames. I started thinking about how information is being
displayed and I was trying to tell a visual story. It occurred to me
that with all the 3D animation I was doing, the output was limited to
a 2D screen.

Display unit. Serial. Fish tracking.

5x5x5 LEDs.

Started out with clear glass panels, but had problems with diffusion.

Also had a set of lights that reacted to sound. Most of my stuff are
related to music.

PKE meter. Etched fiberglass panels lit from below according to
sounds; only etched parts are seen.

Pretty eclipse thing – animated LEDs behind a box. Softer effect.

LEDs between one-way mirrors. Cool effect.

Taking one form of information and transposing it to a different
output. The exchange of information.

Has wacky comedian classmate.

(Hey, this reminds me of ambient computing.)

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