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The beta of ELIP, the Emacs Learning Instruction Program, is now
stable enough for wide release.

ELIP is “flashcards on steroids” and provides learning via

– spaced interval recall (like SuperMemo)
– Leitner “box” method
– plain old flashcards

Modes are present for questions and answers in

– simple form
– ellipsis form, generated from chosen text material
– passage memorization form (i.e., memorize the Gettysburg address).

ELIP installation requires some EMACS ‘smarts’ and had EDB, the EMACS
Database, as a prerequisite. This is all explained in the

The distribution comes with a small Hawaiian language database, a
large Spanish vocabulary database, a large Esperanto vocabulary
database, an Esperanto grammar database, and the “I Have a Dream”
speech for learning by memorization.

There is a small, low volume mailing list available.

ELIP is found at


and comments, bug reports, ideas and suggestions are welcome.

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