Lecture on stacks and queues

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A short quiz will be given, then the rest of the time will be allotted
for projects. The deadline for milestone 1 (basic networking) has been
extended to tonight, 2004.02.24 11:59:59 PM.

Milestone 2: Networking (20 points total)

Due Monday 2004.03.01, 11:59:59 PM

– 15 points of 20: Play a two-player game where one player connects to


– 20 points of 20: If you have a game that can take any number of

players, any number of players should be able to connect to a game.
If you have a game that takes only a certain number of players (ex:
2), you should have a server that allows people to meet other people
who want to play that game. Your program should take care of setting
up the appropriate connections.

Again, submit your source code and your notes on:

– changes you made
– problems you encountered
– solutions found
– problems you still haven’t solved
– next step


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