Ragnarok Online in Linux

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Zak said:

Ragnarok Online…

… in GNU/Linux…

… does work ;)

Proof? Here’s a screenshot:


I did this using wine-cvs. The game is installed in my winxp partition,
so I really didn’t have to do some painful (re)installs… It didn’t
really need much sweat, just a lot of download time (I’m still on a 56k
modem, and worse yet, on a softmodem… and its 2004 :( As for getting
the game itself, it wasn’t a problem: the level-up guys were literally
throwing it away at the local mall, and guess what, I found it in a
trash bin… ;)

There are still some problems, though. Running it in fullscreen was
good, except that you can’t type input on the login forms or on the
chatbox. Also, there are some random glitches with the graphics, missing
sprites and general window corruption. I’m guessing some glitches on
wine’s DirectDraw components, so I’m going to try to fix it… :)

To get this feat working on your own box, here’s a mini-howto:

0x0	Get the latest driver modules for your video card: for my nvidia
	GeForce2 MX, it was a one-liner: apt-get -t testing -u install
	nvidia-kernel-src nvidia-glx-src, then a quick compile ;D

0x1	Get wine: apt-get -t testing -u install wine ought to be enough,
	though getting wine-cvs might be more worthwhile, especially if
	you're goin' to play with wine daily, like me.

0x2	Setup wine: apt-get winesetup, then winesetup, that should do.

0x3	Install RO, or if you're on dual boot, run RO: my winxp
	partition is on /mnt/winxp, so I just do a (cd
	/mnt/winxp/Program\ Files/Gravity/RagnarokOnline && wine
	Ragnarok.exe), and it just works, assuming you installed RO on
	default paths.

HTH, fellow RO addicts. Questions? Comments? Post away ;) I’m off

Zakame +)

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