Wearable ring mouse

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Jonas Meyer on wear-hard@haven.org:

Does anyone have any experience with the Bosswave FinRing, out of
Taiwan? It’s a little mouse that you wear on your index finger like a
ring, and you operate by tilting and pressing the buttons with your
thumb. It’s wireless, and has a little usb receiver, which they claim
acts like a standard usb mouse (so you can plug it into any os that
knows about usb). The receiver looks to be about the size of a cell
phone, which I guess is a bit big, but the mouse itself seems like the
ideal wearable mouse solution. Very unobtrusive. Or you can get it
in hot pink, and have it be very obtrusive.


Anyway, if anyone knows about this, or has used one, I would
appreciate hearing about it, as I am about to plunk down $80.

I want mine in hot pink. ;)

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