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Travis B. Hartwell wrote:

Hi all,

I patched what I hope is the most recent version of planner-diary.el
from tla to optionally utilize cal-desk-calendar. cal-desk-calendar
is an add-on for diary-mode which displays the day’s events in a neat
“desk calendar” like way. I wanted to be able to have this pulled
into my day planner pages instead of just a list of the scheduled
event. To do this, I added a variable ‘planner-diary-use-cal-desk-calendar’,
which when set to non-nil will cause cal-desk-calendar to be used. I
patched planner-diary-get-diary-entries to handle this.

A screenshot of this in action:

To get cal-desk-calendar.el:

My changed planner-diary.el:

My elisp skills aren’t the greatest, so I’m open for corrections or
enhancements. I hope others can find this as useful as I have.


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