CS planning meeting

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Dr. Sarmenta: research. Thinking of research programs. On the positive
side, CS197 this year went particularly well. Lot of good projects.
One of the things that helped out: more groups (groups of two), also,
started early. August, start writing proposals. One of the things that
I think it’s a good sign of is that we can do a lot in terms of
research. Our students are pretty capable. The upcoming two batches
are also pretty good. We can look forward to being able to tap them.
The other thing that helped this year— Jon and I tried to help focus
everybody. Those who had research ideas, we encouraged. We also had a
pool of projects in mind and some people took them. There was still a
significant part of the batch that did database/web stuff, but we
tried to spread it out some more. ~1/3. Those ones we screened also.
Pretty good batch. Start even earlier, maybe summer. If we have ideas
already, it would be nice. For example, for the wireless, we had lots
of ideas. Students also have their own ideas, and sometimes they just
needed encouragement. I’d like us to have personal research agendas.
We should all be working on at least one research project. Think of it
as part of our teaching job. Common interests? Real output.

(Information retrieval from semi-structured text; open source
development; social network analysis and the Semantic Web. Named
entity extraction from hypertext.)

In preparation for the planner meeting, Eric:

– Compile a list of publications
– Active research projects we’re doing right now
– Publications: start with the PAASCU list
– Opportunities for people to publish (goal), deadlines
– Resources

map of where we are. If we can list projects we want to work on this
coming year…

Doc Mana: Can we move defenses earlier so that we can hold a

That would be a good idea.

(Time-ordered information streams; continuous implicit queries)

After we have this, maybe we can have research groups.
How MIT worked: each professor has his own project, and there’s an
umbrella group. There’s a theme.

Pretend you’re a student and you’re looking for a project to do. What
would you like to do?

Junior faculty point from Dr. Rodrigo. Research output is one of the
criteria for permanency.

CS side. Harder science side. Stuff that’s more technical rather than
social. Ex: Reality miner. (Hey, that’s pretty cool)

Looking for help with the Japanese grid thing. C, mathematical. MRI.
Bandwidth minimization, etc. You get to play around with a PHP 4M

Hey, we have a Simputer! I will borrow one!

Also, the digital video thing Darla did. Jeff volunteered.

Symbian phones.

On to the important stuff — planning logistics.

Subic is traffic, but we’ll go for White Rock anyway.

Can we prepare a project proposal?

Dr. Michael Morales of PMA is joining us part-time for first sem. MIS 131. He’s
into discrete events simulation.

Faculty load discussion. Maybe I can swap my CS152 for CS110.

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