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I _would_ very much like a text-based interface that allowed me to
easily navigate through all of the data in my personal store. Zoe
( looks interesting, but it’s outside the way I work.

I’m interested in the kind of massively hyperlinked personal
information management that you describe in TODL. Text-based
navigation through an automatically-extracted graph would be

As for implicit linking, word vectors are often used to find similar
documents. The Remembrance Agent developed at MIT displays a running
list of N items relevant to the words around point. Time and location
may also cue document retrieval.

It doesn’t have to stop at personal information like TODOs or notes.
Why not generate source code as well? With literate programming tools
in the style implemented by Leo ( Leo is a
tree-based organizer. Cloned nodes allow you to have arbitrary graphs
and output is customizable. This is close to what you envisioned with
TODL, although it seems to be a primarily graphical tool.

Your description of TODL mentioned the KM system developed by P. Clark
and B. Porter, but it seems to require explicitly encoded facts and
queries. I would like to do research on implicit linking and querying
in semi-structured text. As a fresh BS graduate with some research
experience (one published paper in a conference about distributed
computing, a few programming competitions) and no formal background in
text analysis, I really need an adviser interested in this field.
Would you know anyone interested in this?

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