On programming fundamentals

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Jino Noel wrote:

2004-01-30 15:42

Programming fundamentals

Everytime a programming exercise or project comes up I hear a lot of
my classmates crying out in horror or dismay. I hear them complain
about how hard is or even that it’s impossible to create. And yet I
see a few of us who don’t care how complicated a project is, we just
know that everyhting is doable. I believe the reason for this is that
others still don’t know what we’ve come to realize, you don’t solve a
problem as a whole, you break it into small pieces, and those small
pieces into smaller pieces, until all you have are just a lot of
small, easy to solve problems.
When you’ve come to that point all you
need then is time. Fact is, There’s no programming project that can’t
be reduced into a series of simple arithmetic, true or false
questions, and the separating and combining of strings. The trick of
course is to be able to see the problems as a combination of smaller
pieces, that’s the skill that separates a coding wizard from a

Take my PusoyDos as an example. I didn’t program it all in one get go,
I did it in pieces. First and foremost problem I had to solve was how
to deal th ecards to the players. Eventually I was able to break it
down into just a randomizing function, a few arithmetics, true or
false question and string combination to create the values of the
cards, and a boolean statement to pass it into the designated players.
And I just went on from there.

Programming is actually simple, if you just look at it the right way.

Awwwww. =D

Of course, Jino’s outlook on programming is completely not my fault,
but I hope other people reading this feel encouraged.

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