Warm and fuzzy feelings

| emacs
  Hi sachac :-)
  i've been following your planner mode pages for a while, I must say it's a great project
  dto: Awwwww, thanks! =)
  dto: You can go thank johnw for that. My job is just to patch the bugs I accidentally introduce, and
          occasionally make a bunch of people really happy by figuring out how to hack something cool into it. =)
  sachac: I use nnrss/gnus to read your feed :-)
  anyway I think you're doing great, i'd love to offer feedback
  dto: Awwwwww... =)
  i'm planning to use it for organizing my work, it's very hectic and i manage multiple
       projects/tasks/contacts/emails etc
  dto: Wow, neat! =)
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