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Ephrem wrote:

Here’s a bit of magic to make fancy striped tables. The javascript is from 4 steps. One caveat, if you have
multiple tables on a page (not including headers and footers) this
could result in multiple instances of id=”tabular”. If anyone knows how to adapt the
javascript to identify class instead of id, that would be an improvement.

  1. Edit emacs-wiki-publishing-header and add this javascript somewhere within
    the head tag:

  2. Edit emacs-wiki-publishing-header so that the body tag has an onload attribute as follows:
  3. Edit emacs-wiki-table-attributes so that it includes id=”tabular”:
        (setq emacs-wiki-table-attributes "id=\"tabular\" border=\"0\"
    cellpadding=\"2\" cellspacing=0")
  4. Add something like the following to your stylesheet:
        // Only tables with the "tabular" id, thereby avoiding header
        // and footer tables.
        table#tabular {
            border: 3px solid #555;
        // Apply border to all td elements which are not in the first row.
        table#tabular tr + tr>td {
            border-top: 1px solid #aaa;
        table#tabular td {
            padding: .5ex .5em;
        // Apply left border to all columns except the first.
        table#tabular td + td {
            border-left: 1px dotted #aaa;

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