Sacha’s Paradise: “Island Paradise”

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The image of islands like townhouses just popped into mind… =)
I need to check this against real-estate ads, but it’s a quick draft.


“No man is an island… but you can own one!”

Tired of living in the city? Own your own island paradise now! Sip a
martini while watching the sunset on your own private beach. Spend a
lazy Saturday afternoon in a hammock strung between two palms. Located
only thirty minutes away from the commercial district, the Island
Paradise planned community offers all the amenities of modern living
in a idyllic setting.

Each island comes with:

– A one- or two-bedroom cabana
– 24h electricity, hot/cold water
– Palm trees
– At least 20 meters of beach

For your convenience, ferries pass by every hour, and a boataxi is
just a phone call away. A shopping mall and a playground are on a
large island in the middle of the community.

Ask your real estate agent about Island Paradise now!

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