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Kathy picked me up from YMCA and said she was doing me a favor by
taking me out. I didn’t have much of a choice, so I went with her.
From YMCA Makati, we went to San Juan to drop off a box of brownies
and a pack of tissue for one of her friends who recently suffered a
devastating breakup. Tons of traffic along the way. Got really hungry
and had drive-thru. Hacked on the scheduler along the way.

Their gimmick was at Havana, which isn’t really my kind of place. I
didn’t really feel like mingling with all the other people around,
though, so I decided to wait for my sister at Hobbes. Figured I could
occupy myself by working on the scheduler and on the puzzles. Ordered
a small chocolate mousse to cheer myself up.

Fortunately, Dominique was in the area, so he came and rescued me. Had
fun chatting with him, didn’t notice time pass. Kathy and her friends
passed by to pick us up and continue the party at home. More
conversation. Learned much.

Sleepy. =)

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