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Went to my first aikido session. Was too late for 5:30 session so
attended 7:30 session instead. Diane was late and she didn’t bring a
uniform, so I was the only new one. They were every bit as
accommodating as she said. I practiced rolling forward and backward
although I still haven’t quite gotten the hang of it. Walking, too. I
also tried some of the throws.

I didn’t have contacts on, so everyone was a vague blur. Fortunately
people kept a close watch on me and those close to me repeated the
movements for my benefit. I still have a hard time keeping track of
all the movements, though.

Tiring! I’ll give it a few more shots—maybe until the end of this
week. Then I decide whether to continue or to drop it. I’m leaning
more toward something that will improve my coordination, though, but I
don’t know where to take ballroom dancing lessons. I suppose I can
take aikido just for fun, but it’s not really my kind of thing. Who
knows? We’ll see.

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