Words to review for the GRE

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chary cautious wary
cloture closing device (in Parliament) to end a debate by voting
coeval of the same period coexisting
countervail counterbalance
desuetude cessation of use disuse
edacious voracious devouring
encomium warm or glowing praise eulogy panegyric
epicurean devoted to pleasure (sensuous enjoyment)
expatiate to roam wander freely
expiation ending expiring
exscind to cut out cut away
facetious humorous funny jocular
finical too fussy about food clothing etc.
foment put smth warm (to lessen the pain) (i always thought of this as fomenting rebellion)
froward intractable not willing to yield or comply stubborn
fulmination bitter protest
gaucherie socially awkward tactless behavior
hermetic sealed by fusion (don’t think of mages)
imbroglio complicated and embarrassing situation
inchoate not yet fully formed rudimentary elementary
limn paint portray
lucubrate write in scholarly fashion
luculent easily understood lucid clear
macerate make or become soft by soaking in water
maladroit tactless clumsy
minatory menacing threatening
nostrum a quack remedy an untested cure
nugatory trifling/worthless
obloquy abusively detractive language sharp criticism vituperation
odium contempt dislike aversion
opprobrious showing scorn or reproach
paean song of praise or triumph
palliate lessen the severity of
panegyric formal praise eulogy
peccadillo small sin small weakness in one’s character
peregrination traveling about wandering
picaresque involving clever rogues or adventurers
piquant agreeably pungent stimulating
probity uprightness incorruptibility principle
prolix tiring because too long
propinquity nearness in time or place affinity of nature
provident frugal looking to the future
puissance strength
pusillanimous cowardly craven
quotidian banal everyday
raconteur person who tells anecdotes
recidivism relapse into antisocial or criminal behavior
recondite little known abstruse
recreancy cowardice a cowardly giving up
refractory stubborn unmanageable untractable
repine at be discontented with
restive refusing to move reluctant to be controlled
salubrious healthful
salutary remedial wholesome causing improvement
saturnine gloomy dark sullen morose
sedulous persevering
sententious short and pithy full of maxims/proverbs
sere make hard and without feeling
somatic of the body
turpitude wickedness shamefulness
tyro tiro beginner
virago a loud domineering woman a scold or nag
vitiate lower the quality weaken the strength
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