Courses deployed

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Okay, should be ready for use. I
think. Well, at least the project creation and submission parts work,
and that’s all that matters at this point anyway. I really, really
love darcs dist. I develop and test on my laptop, using darcs to track
revisions. When done with a patch, I record it and call an
“update-courses” shell script, which simply uses darcs dist to create
a handson.tar.gz, uploads this to, unpacks it, and
twiddles a few permission bits to make sure everything works. Very
nice work.

I still have to come up with a way to organize feedback. I can do that
on my filesystem first by putting some kind of REMARKS file in each
directory, then using fancy find recipes to pull all the information
together. This will be much, much easier when I get them off e-mail. I
want to see some kind of recent-changes list, though…

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