Kitchen inventory

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I won’t copy this to the CookOrDie page because I’ll keep a separate updated copy there. =)

– 500g ziti, cooks in 9 minutes
– 1 can Skyflakes
– 1 large package of Lay’s Classic Lightly Salted potato chips, have no idea when we got that but the package is dusty
– Glad zip-lock sandwich bags
– Glad zip-lock freezer bags, somewhat larger
– aluminum foil
– microwave plastic wrap
– open package of approximately 200g fettuccini, cooks in 6 minutes
– 1 cup instant yakisoba (spicy chicken, of course), for emergencies
– 100g Carne Norte
– 85g liver spread, probably not mine as I don’t recall ever buying liver spread—or ever being tempted to, after that enterokinase lab experiment in biology class
– 1 loaf of white bread, mysteriously not yet moldy (consume before 2004.06.30), don’t remember buying this one either
– 85g salmon spread, definitely something I didn’t get
– 130g vienna tidbits (not mine, but probably borrowable)
– 2 boxes Nescafe 3-in-1 coffee mix, definitely not mine as I don’t drink coffee
– half a package of dried red kidney beans, the remnants of discarded chili experiments
– half a package of taco seasoning mix waiting for the next time I try tacos again, which probably won’t be anytime soon as (a) lettuce is darn difficult to keep (I want one of those funky lettuce keepers!), (b) I already figured out tacos, and (c) I lost the instructions.
– 1 can garbanzos / chickpeas waiting for me to remember to buy a lemon and try making hummus; this was related to the pita experiments, I think
– 1 box Swiss Miss rich chocolate, for emergencies
– 1 package instant spaghetti carbonara, for kicks
– 1 serving of fusilli, funky spiral pasta
– 100g corned beef guisado (carne norte pre-sauteed with garlic and onion bits)
– 115g mushrooms (sliced stems and pieces), because oyster mushrooms feel weird
– another can of 115g mushrooms, sliced stems and pieces, probably because I forgot I already had them
– 1 package instant yakisoba, spicy chicken, but not in a cup
– 165g chicken chunks in vegetable oil, just in case I ever feel the need to try chicken in my diet
– 220g pork and beans
– 315g spaghetti sauce; why do I have a can of spaghetti sauce? Usually I just get the foil packs. Hmm, I think I couldn’t find classic Italian seasoning in foil packs that day…
– 1 package instant carbonara (San Remo)
– Ricoa chocolate powder (wheeeeee!), for emergencies
– 100g beef loaf
– brown, unpolished rice
– four tablets of chocolate, not that I’ve ever figured out how to prepare Spanish chocolate nicely
– 1 small can of pineapple chunks
– 1 package instant pancake mix, not that I ever wake up early enough or energetic enough to make pancakes
– my own set of measuring cups, at long last!
– assorted plastic containers, some slightly deformed because I used them for cooking. I really like the set we got at Rustan’s Makati; I can cook with them, and they have built-in air holes…

Spice rack:

– Italian seasoning, of course
– Minced garlic, dry
– Rubbed sage
– Kikkoman soy sauce
– Olive oil, mild
– Iodized salt
– Black peper, ground
– Lumpiang shanghai seasoning mix, probably for next week’s experiments

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