Much productive hacking last night

| emacs

– Dusted off CoursesSubmission and started hacking on it again: minor

template tweaks (tables instead of lists, for example) and some code
refactoring into objects.

– Almost done with JavaCd. Just need to download Eclipse RC1 and

update the installation instructions, then we’ll be all set. I don’t
think I’ll be able to put my material on the CD, but at least I’ve
included the PPT slides from the aegis website as well as the
excellent chortle tutorial.

– Sent Ching a formal thank-you note for the lunch with Som Mittal.

– Upgraded my kernel to 2.6.6.

– Started work on PlannerDatabase, which will get around the problem

of having tasks in different places. Should probably consider
working with one of the real database packages like EDB, but will
have fun coding it anyway. Actually have a test-suite with decent

– Have also figured out how to use testcover.el. Am pleasantly

surprised to find out that it’s actually in main Emacs, so will
remove it from my ../emacs directory. Have not yet figured out
how to properly use 1value, but that’s okay.

– Am changing the way I use planner. Have realized that I don’t

actually need planner-align-tasks, planner-renumber-tasks and
planner-renumber-notes in my write-file-functions, and will probably
remove those from the default.

– Used Gnus to pull data out of old Eudora mailboxes. Whee! My mom

needed to find mail related to her business trip to Malaysia. The
semi-fuzzy search was fun.

– Found my apartment keys. Yay!

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