Class reflections

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– CS21A: Walked through the GuessingGame and CrystalBall

exercises. It looked like everyone’s on track. Mentioned my decision
to my MIS class. Okay class session.

– CS110: Told the class what was going to happen. Reviewed chapter

  1. Reviewed arrays and linked lists. Discussed array and linked-list
    implementation of stacks by describing the behavior of a stack and
    asking them to define push and pop. Mixed success, but seemed like a
    good exercise. Next up: queues, deques, and sequences.

– CS139.3: Told the class what was going to happen. Had a fruitful

review session of the past five problems. Made sure everyone knew
how to read input. Promised to discuss Arbitrage and Kissing Cousins
on Wednesday. Okay class session, although small.

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