Documentary: me using Emacs? ;)

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Andy Sy said:

Is there a film documentary available somewhere showing you how you
use Emacs? God knows I’ve tried and tried to get the hang of it and
still find myself heavily disliking Emacs.

I want to visually experience someone else using Emacs to see if it’s
really more efficient to do things like mail, news, web browsing
(??!? how do you do that without graphics?) in it.

I don’t see it displacing SciTE as my favorite editor anytime,
but perhaps Mozilla as my email/news client of choice…?

And in another post…

More like mind-numbing for me, because there are just too many keybindings
to remember and it is so annoying when you get them wrong. Anyway, I was
hoping someone would make a film documentary showing Sacha (or some other
Emacs guru) doing everday stuff under Emacs, to see how much of a speed
and efficiency advantage it has (if any) compared to using say, Mozilla
for browsing newsgroups/replying to email, and perhaps SciTE, for editing

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