The Open Technology Landscape — Juebert Uriarte

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Technical consultant, Sun Microsystems Philippines, Inc.

“Open source, open standards, open systems – a recipe for open government”

– Put a little bit more clarity on “open standards”, “open source”,

“open technology”.

– Timeline (long)

– Open technology: open systems, open source, open standards

– Open systems: A system that implements sufficient open

specifications for interfaces, services, and supporting formats to
enable properly engineered components to be utilized across a wide
range of systems with minimal changes, to interoperate with other
components on local and remote systems, and to interact with users
in a style that facilitates portability. — US Department of Defense
Open Systems Joint Task Force

– 1977, Bill Joy started Unix and the BSD license. Bill didn’t have

Internet and Linus had it!

– Open source defined. (OSI). Free redistribution. Source code.

Derived works. Integrity of the author’s source code. No
discrimination against persons or groups. No discrimination against
fields of endeavor. Distribution of license. License must not be
specific to a product. The license must not restrict other
software. The license must be technology-neutral.

– (He blogs using a PHP system, probably custom.)

Open standards defined.

– Enables different information technology systems to commnicate


– Overcomes all of the issues that arise with custom software

interpreters and therefore lowers the barriers to integration:
time, cost and risk

– …

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