Finally done packing

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Somehow managed to get all my clothes back into the suitcase. Yay! Fit
quite neatly, at that, even though I chose to pack my bulky shoes.
Will wear big winter coat to save space. While packing, realized I
have lots and lots of clothes for winter. In retrospect, could’ve
trimmed down and just shopped at Salvation Army second-hand warehouse,
but this way is more reliable, so is not so bad.

I’m tired. Bushed. The end-of-class karaoke party ran from 9 to 11.
Think am getting the hang of it.

Am not looking forward to long span without room Internet. Will have
to survive. Will probably come up with neat way. If desperate, will
use new webcam and headset to record video and speech, if camera
doesn’t work. Suspect a kernel recompile will fix everything.

Miss people. Looking forward to work, which starts Thursday.

If I don’t reappear on the Net soon, that probably means I haven’t
found a nice way of getting Net access. Please use the comment form
below to get in touch with me.

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