Learning technical Japanese

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I’ve figured out what I really like about this situation. It’s an
amazing opportunity to rapidly pick up a foreign language, and in a
technical context at that! That’s the main thing they give feedback
on, anyway. They didn’t really comment on our design. I guess as long
as we understand what’s needed and our results seem to be okay, we’re
fine. I get my papers back with little red marks highlighting
incorrect use of particles and suggesting better word usage, though.
I’ve realized that in order to make the most of this opportunity, I
shouldn’t just stick to safe, simple sentences. I’m going to try new
structures and new words, typing my documents over and over again until
the words stick in my head! =)

So, no, I’m not depressed. If the other day’s blog entry made you
worry, sorry! Before I came to Japan, I thought that the AOTS thing
would be a great excuse to learn Japanese. That was the main reason I
said yes, actually. When I started training, I wondered if I should be
focusing on industry experience instead. That’s not really possible,
but my original intention will do quite well. By February, I want to
be able to do tech support and documentation in Japanese.

Work is fun. =)

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