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The nomikai was tons of fun! I’m looking forward to the next one. I
met lots of interesting people. Michael Moyle is into Linux
administration and programming, and is looking for a part-time job
while he studies Japanese. Michael Reinsch is into component systems research, a higher-level version
of aspect-oriented programming. He likes strongly-typed languages.
Jeffrey Keays is a Java non-fan and likes PHP and Perl, and is fairly
interested in aspect-oriented programming but hasn’t really gotten
into it beyond reading a few papers, as the main implementations use
Java. He likes loosely-typed languages and thinks Ruby is delicious.
Thomas Giuffré is his boss.
Ken’ichi-san thinks Planner is a bit difficult to use, and is of the
opinion that no Emacs-based PIM has quite hit the mark yet. He laughed
when he saw his website on my task list. Uekawa-san
(dancer,dancerj(IRC)) is a DD who’s also going to Kansai Open Source 2004. We swapped GPG fingerprints, so all I have to do now is study
for the interview. Moon Ki Cho is Ernest’s friend and is interested in
Linux, but hasn’t really tried it out yet. There was one other girl. I
think I was the youngest there.

I particularly enjoyed practicing my Japanese, although I’m still bad
at it. =)

I made it back barely in time. I managed to catch a train going all
the way to Sangyo Shinko Center, and I even made it before curfew.
Whee! I will certainly attend the next one.

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