That’s odd (FurtherStudies#18)

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For some reason, I can’t find the envelope full of transcripts. I also
don’t have copies of my official test reports. I don’t think they’re
in the safe deposit box downstairs.

No big loss, although it will make filling out the online application
for MIT a bit difficult. Perhaps Mom can enclose an unsealed copy of
my transcript in the grad school application package.

What could explain this mystery? Hmm. I’ve checked my luggage. Nothing
there, not even in the pockets. I have my JITSE application papers. I
have my extremely important scrapbook of letters. =) I haven’t thrown
any important-looking papers out.

Hmm. If I were Mom, I would’ve tucked the papers into the brown
bubble-wrap envelopes. They’re not there, though.

Perhaps I didn’t bring them after all. Mom probably anticipated that I
might lose the documents, and no doubt has copies in that little case
in her locked drawer. Besides, I need new transcripts sent from home,
anyway, so I couldn’t have used the ones I (thought I) brought. =)

Yeah, that’s the ticket. I’ll finish the MIT online application when I
get the transcripts from home.

<laugh> I’d forgotten the months for my awards. Fortunately,
Google new. I love the Internet!

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