Kanji reflection

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0:08:46 Kanji 28: Copy compounds onto paper
0:05:16 Kanji 28: Practice writing, first pass
0:02:05 Kanji 28: Practice writing, second pass
0:03:14 Kanji 29: Combined pass
0:09:18 Kanji 26, 27: Review

Considering that it takes only 9 minutes to copy things down on paper,
I think I’ll continue using the wordcards. They’re handy for
reviewing, too. That means I need to go to Jusco and buy more. Three
chapters of kanji fill up one word card ring, conservatively speaking.
I need six word card rings for the rest of the book, and perhaps two
for my review. I will buy 4 sets of 2 word card rings tonight.

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