Necessity is the mother of invention

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I love the Internet. I really, really do.

I spent the last hour talking to my family through
Skype, a free-as-in-beer-but-not-speech
Internet telephony service with excellent quality and cross-platform
clients. Wheeee. (Now all it needs is webcam support, mumblemumble.)

Get this—my _mom_ recommended it to me. I have a cool mom. =)

And they were chatting through a recently-installed LAN port in the

On a iBook whose built-in speaker and microphone are way, way
sensitive. Sensitive enough to pick up my dad from a bit of a
distance. Wow.

It’s really different, you know, when people don’t have to worry
about typing. When the computer disappears.

I love technology and the way it lets me connect. =)

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