Things You Can Do to Help the Debian Tagalog Translation Team

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eric pareja (xenos AT said:

Here are some things you can do to help.

First, get a recent copy of the debian installer tl.po. It can be obtained using Subversion or by downloading from

Next, you can do one of the following:

– a) read through the TRANSLATED messages and comment about good and bad translations to the debian-tl mailing list. if you think the translated message is good and doesn’t merit comment, that’s fine. if you think the translated message is BAD, then please comment about it on the mailing list. if you think that the translated message is a very good translation that can be an example for other translations, the please make a note to the mailing list also.

– b) read through the FUZZY messages and make suggestions about the translation. messages marked FUZZY are not the best translations yet.

– c) read through the UNTRANSLATED messages and post to the debian-tl mailing list with your suggested translation. I will fold the translation into the tl.po with a note in the comments about your work and then commit it to the subversion repository upstream.

Thank you and have fun translating!

Eric Pareja
Debian Tagalog Translation Team Coordinator

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