Waaah, embarrassed

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I was trying to call my mom using my cellphone’s redial feature. I
heard the phone ring. Yay! But a male voice answered; definitely not
my mom. Oh no! I must’ve hit another key somewhere… I couldn’t
figure out who it was by voice alone, and my phone wouldn’t show me
the number. Panicking, I stuttered my name and something about just
calling to say hi. Unfortunately, I had to go and admit that I didn’t
know who was on the line, and he didn’t want to tell me, so he just
hung up. After the call, I checked the phone. Uh oh… I’d just called
Eric. I called him right after that to, err, congratulate him on the
ICPC and, ah, show that I did actually remember who he was. Still, it
was very embarrassing.

Then I went back to the redial feature to try to figure out once again
how to call my mom. I hit the green button again…

… and got another male voice. WAAAAH! I got really flustered. I
blurted out the story about the previous call and asked who was on the
line. He laughed, amused, and identified himself. How embarrassing. I
really should talk to him more. I should have many opportunities to do
that someday…

I deserve at least one unflustered conversation today, but my mom’s
probably still in Banaue… <sniffle>

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