Another recruit for the wonderful world of Planner hacking!

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Chris Parsons wrote:

Well, I was using the excellent new planner-create-note-from-task, and
thought, “wouldn’t it be nice to have the note optionally created on the
plan page rather than the (less useful) date page? I must ask Sacha to
do that.”

And then I thought, “No! I’ll venture into the previously unchartered
depths of lisp programming… and work out how to do it myself.”

Here’s my diff. Pass a prefix argument to always create on the plan
page. Perhaps this should be the default – Sacha’s call, I guess.

Be gentle, it’s my first proper lisp coding :)

Wheeeeee! Another person discovered the joys of Emacs Lisp hacking!

See, Planner is easy to hack. =)

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