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Objective: Give Prof. Chignell some ideas about Planner so that he can
introduce me to the wearable computing and personal information
management research groups.

I don’t have to convince him to let me do this kind of research for my
master’s. I could use more time to bring out and document different
usage patterns, anyway. I do want to show him that I care about users
and I’m good at tweaking things for particular needs, though.

Medical handhelds seem very interesting. I don’t have to take personal
information management up for my master’s as long as I make sure I
talk to the people in that group and learn how they do research.
Medical handhelds would be far more useful to people in the
Philippines. I should get in touch with Doc Oly as well as the UP
Manila folks.

What points can I highlight that will transfer well to that field?

– Different requirements: interface, functionality.

– Minimizing attention required: context switch, distraction,

automatic context.

– Evolving functionality based on user feedback. Quick development.

User-contributed code.

‘course, I’ll have to rewrite my StatementOfPurpose at some point.

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