Factors for idea growth

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From ParaMode in ZhurnalWiki :

But the history of Para mode does highlight three deep sources of
that, in one form or another, lie behind all successful new
ideas —- and not just in the software realm. Those power sources are:

a boundless extensibility —- the potential to modify, customize,

and reconfigure something far beyond the original conception.
People’s minds have that. So do human languages and mathematical
systems. So does software … provided the initial developers don’t
get selfish and lock the doors to change.

a solid foundation —- something to build upon that does at least

part of the job well, something reliable yet elegant and æsthetic.
It’s impossible to do everything ourselves; we must rely on the work
of our ancestors.

a culture of sharing —- so that several people, each with a piece

of the jigsaw puzzle, can get together and come up with a solution.
Sharing works well (or should) within a family, a small group, or a
properly-run company. Ill-wrought “Intellectual Property Rights”
laws, however, truncate the sharing process and give short-term
profits to idea-squatters … at the expense of long-term progress
for all.

ParaMode in ZhurnalWiki

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