January in review

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1/1: I kept one resolution: to chat with friends often.
1/4: Dominique had a run-in with Neko. He was amused by how I kept him anonymous in the anecdote.
1/11: Helped my dad with the computer, learning more about him in the process
1/12: More about people around me
1/15: Photo shoot with Mobile Philippines. Videoke with my sister. Candy during midterms = good thing.
1/16: Went for the Cosmo VTR. Nothing happened.
– 1/18: Ran into Sean at the scifi convention. It’s odd meeting someone after a long time.
1/19: Reflected on the second sem.
1/23: Reflected on moving into Ching’s room. Also, reflected on difficulties students were having with my exercises.
1/24: First piece of flash fiction.
1/28: Students found stepwise decomposition easier than nested loops.
1/30: “A Stone’s Throw” – first piece of flash fiction that impressed my friends.

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