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From Levi Guerrero:

While I must say that ePerformax’s contract does indeed reek of bull crap, I know for a fact that not all call centers in the Philippines operate that way. I’m a senior geek in what could be called a call center (though not in the usual sense of the term, in that our sales guys don’t sell stuff for other companies, but rather sell *our* stuff on behalf of *our* company — I otoh, maintain and enhance our internal web apps), my problems so far have been of the software-entropy-kind (and the occassional noisy-environment-kind), rather than the stupid-binding-contract-kind. Neither do the few friends I have in sales have any such problems — all they have to worry about is just doing what they were hired to do, and that’s selling. Their jobs don’t require them to be rocket scientists, but they most certainly don’t work under oppressive contracts such as that described by your friend Nix. What the “Philippines is getting into” is showing them Indians and Chinese that we Pinoys can be just as good or even better at what we do, whether it be selling or programming. Well, at least in my neck of the woods it is. Of course, as always, when wandering the various call centers in Ortigas and Makati, you’ll find that YMMV. :)

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