One-hour hacks

| emacs

Do tell me what happened with your web development company. At the
moment, I’m wondering what caused you to initiate your one-hour hack.

Just Because I Can. <impish grin> Never underestimate an annoyed
geekette with a block of free time.

Seriously, keeping track of how much time it takes me to actually
implement things… Wow. Thanks to
../emacs/dev/planner/planner-timeclock.el, I can tell you how long
something took to implement. That’s given me a newfound appreciation
for lunch hour and (formerly) free time. Lunch hour is another new
planner feature, or a new website look, or a few new discoveries on
the Net.

I don’t think we’ll be needing the web dev company any more. I think
that at this point we aren’t likely to see significant improvements
with professional design, given that the company isn’t into
copywriting. I would’ve greatly appreciated the services of a real
copywriter who can, say, review our documents and write for the web,
but the web firms in the Philippines don’t offer this as a service. I
suppose I’ll just have to trust my senses when it comes to the Net.
The current Adphoto website is still
too marketing-fluffy for my tastes, but I can tweak that when I get
better ideas.

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