Random notes from meeting with Prof. Chignell

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Sharon Strauss, lead of the project. Introduction.

Order tree interface for searching. Clinical evidence at the point of
care. Doctors can’t remember what they were talaught in med school.
Young doctors remember the facts, but don’t have the skills and
experience. Reverse true for old doctors. Lots of details that people
can’t remember. Clinical evidence. Drug interactions. Big volumes of
clinical evidence. People are dying because doctors don’t have the
right information at the right time. Wireless handhelds. Data
formatting. Search engine. Design the interface. 30 seconds. Clinical

Electronic health records and combining those. Drug interaction,
online prescribing. Straight to the pharmacy.

Recording meetings. Playing back conversations. Speech transcriptions.
Visualizing meetings. NSlides from a lecture. Speech. Visualization of

Doctors. How doctors have conversations and how to record them. 45
minutes. One minute discussions. That night, new shift. Situation of
awareness. Make it available. Bullet round. Bullet round, couple of
students working on this for a class; requirements analysis done.

Very interesting topics: tracking tutoring data, bullet rounds for
medical data.

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