Study reflections

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It doesn’t take that much time to make kanji wordcards or look up
grammar points in my textbook, so I won’t see significant improvements
if I moved to the computer for reviewing.

Similarly, kanji study passes don’t take that much time and I absorb
things well after a few passes, so I don’t have to formally break
things up into smaller sets. Here’s how I currently do things:

– 1. Write cards for the chapter.

– 2. Do one pass of writing immediately after.

– 3. Do another pass just through the mistakes until I’m happy with them.

– 4. Do another pass through the chapter kanji.

– 5. If I made any mistakes, go back to step 3. If not, put the deck

away for a while.

I have problems remembering the readings now, though, so I should
probably go back to doing reading first.

Wow. I’m done with my homework, and it’s only 9:08! I have some time
to focus on my JLPT-specific review.

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