Windows XP Demo offer for students


Think you’re an expert in Windows XP and can present in front of small
(5-10) or large (100-300) people? Be part of the Windows eXPerience
Tour! From now till January 7, we are looking for students who are
full of energy (and patience) to demos the latest, the greatest, and
the coolest features of Windows XP.

PLUS! If you are graduating college senior, get a chance to OJT and
Intern at Microsoft.

All those who are interested. Please e-mail me at [email protected]

Hmm. I want to do something similar, but for Linux. (Naturally.) We
don’t need to wait for conferences or other formally-organized events;
we can (and should! =) ) do Linux demos for our friends. It doesn’t
have to be anything fancy. Show people how you can surf the Net
without popups while still enjoying Flash and Java. (I play Scrabble
all the time.) Show Gimp’s Script-Fu. Talk about the free software
you’ve tried out and liked. =)

E-Mail from Mark Punzalan