Questionnaire on electronic clothes

Hiya, everyone! Can you help a wearable computing researcher? (Not me,
but a Ph.D. student in Japan.) He’s interested in cultural differences
in attitude regarding electronic clothes. If you copy and paste the
text below, edit it to reflect your answers, and mail it to , you’ll make him happy. It took me ten to

fifteen minutes to fill this out.


This questionnaire was designed for research on new technologies:
clothes possessing particular features, capacities and some kind of
intelligence. Prototypes are currently being designed in France, Japan,
and USA. Your answers will be taken into account for a study that will
be published in 2005 or 2006; we therefore appreciate the time you will
take to answer the following questions.

Answers will be kept in a database without association to your identity.
Thank you for participating in this study.

Please provide the following information.

Age   _____     Gender   _____   Nationality  __________________

Occupation (student, engineer...)

Field (computer science, psychology...)

Using the scale below, please tell us how much you agree or disagree
with the following statements by placing a number in the box provided.

Strongly disagree		1

Disagree			2

Neither agree nor disagree	3

Agree				4

Srongly agree			5

It would be acceptable for me to wear clothes that:

___ display images, photos, texts, or videos.

___ record my environment via photos or videos.

___ produce music, sounds, or speeches.

___ record music, sounds, or speeches around me.

___ produce selected smells.

___ analyze the air (smells, pollution, humidity, temperature).

___ provide a sensation of cold or heat in certain areas.

___ vibrate or provide a feeling of touch in certain areas.

Clothes with one or several capacities such as listed in question 1
would be useful:

___ at big events like conferences or forums.

___ during parties.

___ on trips.

___ in potentially dangerous situations.

___ to communicate with disabled people.

___ when meeting new people.

If I had garments with one or several capacities such as in question 1,
I would like them to:

___ be able to coordinate actions with other clothes.

___ learn from my reactions to their actions.

___ be controlled by some form of build in artificial intelligence.

___ be controlled by guidelines but get back control whenever I want.

___ be under my full control at any moment.

I would agree to use garments that can monitor my physical and mental
state (heart beats, blood pressure, body temperature, movements, etc.)

___ adapt my environment to my needs (temperature, light, music in the room,

___ adapt video games depending on my experiences.

___ evaluate my performances during sports trainings.

___ produce group effects during artistic or sportive events.

___ reveal my emotions to surrounding people.

___ share my feelings with selected persons (like husband/wife), even at a

___ transmit information to emergency services.

During a gathering of people using special garments, I would like
clothes to hint about:

___ the wearer's personality.

___ the wearer's beliefs.

___ the wearer's mood.

___ the wearer's history.

___ the wearer's belonging to communities.

___ the group's harmony.

___ the group's common history.

___ the group's common centers of interest.

___ relationships between members of the group.

___ the topic of the gathering.

I would be ready to wear and use in my everyday life garments
incorporating electronics:

___ for personal uses.

___ for professional uses.

I would leave my profile (such as name, age, nationality, centers of
interest) in free access:

___ on Internet.

___ to people in the same room as me.

___ to people belonging to my community.

___ to people I met previously.

If you have any remarks or suggestion about the questionnaire or
electronic garments, please write them below:

Return this questionnaire to Sebastien Duval by e-mail to or mail to NII, Hitotsubashi 2-1-2, Chiyoda-ku, 101-8430 Tokyo, Japan


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